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Please note that beginning August 1, 2021, you will be charged for your service at the time of online booking (rather than the time of service).

Why have we made this change?
Quite simply, if a client doesn’t show, our barbers can’t make a living. In addition to not getting paid for the service missed, they turn away other customers with the expectation that their schedule is filled. With a marked increase in the number of no shows, we’re putting this in place to protect our barber’s livelihoods. As a company, we value our staff as a top priority and support them 100%. We appreciate your understanding and support of your barber as well!

So what if I can’t make my appointment?
When your service is booked, you receive a “credit” to be used at Barrelli. Please call the shop before your appointment time to change your booking, and apply your credit to another date of service. If you miss your appointment without notifying us, you will forfeit your credit. We understand there are circumstances that are beyond your control, and we’ll take that into consideration when we enact this policy.

Once again, thanks for being cool and for your support of your Barrelli barber.

Stay Sharp.

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